2023 Year 12 Month 1 Day
  Week 6

Product classification
Satellite TV Antenna Amplifier
TV Splitter
Satellite Finder
Wall Crossing Line
Cable TV Terminal Box
Antenna Amplifier
Branch Distributor
Wave Filter

  Changzhou Lianming Electron LTD,CO is a specialized and the production Cable TV product、 the network termination product enterprise. Main products are: Antenna & Antenna Amplifier、 User termination box 、Branch divider and so on,year productivity Above 10 million.

  Since the company has established all along persisted take"Your demand is our diligently direction,Customer satisfaction is our success,Cooperation、Altogether wins"as the management goal.The product sells in distant markets country and the area and so on the Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Hong Kong.

  Zealously welcome everywhere customers to come to discuss the service


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